Twinning Intro

Map showing Cricklade and Nantes which is 5 miles from SucéAfter 14 years our previous site became a little jaded and more importantly our web maintainer had a stroke. However 4 years on and fully recovered we are back. The site will be a complete rewrite, but for now we offer you the work in progress, so at least our schedule of events is exposed.

Cricklade Twinning with Sucé-sur-Erdre, which is just a few miles north of Nantes on the river Erdre,was agreed in 1989 with visits each way that year. The Charter was signed in 1990, since that year every year an exchange has taken place between Cricklade and Sucé, on even years Sucé come to Cricklade on odd years Cricklade goes to Sucé.