The AGM was held this year on the 20th January at the Cricklade Bowles Club.

The business of the AGM was followed by a Chilli Con Carne supper – many thanks to Ian Binfield for cooking it for us – an excellent meal.

This was then followed by a Skittles knockout session, which everyone enjoyed. Congratulations to Rod Clifton for winning in some style.

On a practical note, we managed to raise £170 and had 35 attendees. Many thanks to the Bowles Club for use of their facilities.

Safari Supper

The next event is on the 3rd of April and will be a Safari Supper. This is a new event for us and for those who don’t know, this does not mean indulging in the consumption of exotic animals, but in moving between a number of hosts for each course of your supper. See over for more details.


We will be holding a Boules competition again this year on Saturday 26th June. It will be run in conjunction with the Cricklade Festival at the White Hart. More details to follow.

There will be practice sessions on the two previous Thursdays

Autumn Barbeque

The Autumn Barbeque will be held this year on 21st August and will be hosted by John Petrie.

Call My Bluff Wine Tasting

Sounds dangerous, but actually is a lot of fun – we will be holding this event on the 24th of September.

The 2004 Sucé Twinning Visit

A reminder that our French friends will be visiting us on the weekend of 29th October 2004. Preparations are already in hand. Please put the date in your diary.

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Annual Subscriptions

A quick reminder, that it is that time of year again. Anyone who has not paid their subs yet or who wishes to join, the annual subscription is £5 for adults - £12 for families. Contact Yvonne at 22 Pauls Croft - tel 751963