Call My Bluff Wine Tasting

Sounds dangerous, but actually is a lot of fun – we will be holding this event on the 24th of September.

The basic idea for those not familiar with the TV programme "Call My Bluff" is this. You are given a wine to taste and then you are given three descriptions of the wine and its origin. You have to choose the correct provenance for the wine. Of course you will be given some wine tasting tips beforehand to make the task easier.

We are hoping to make this a big fund raising event, so please encourage your friends to come along. The event will be done in teams of six. You can put a team together or just show up and we will organise you into a team.

The event will be held in the Cricklade Town Hall Annex and tickets will be £7.50 each. This covers one glass of wine, the wine for tasting and food - French bread, cheese and pate.

Please let us know if you will be attending by 10th September so that we know the numbers to cater for.
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Autumn Barbeque

The Autumn Barbeque was held on Saturday 21st August Our biggest concern was the weather, luckily we seem to have chosen the one spot in the weekend when the weather was dry, if not quite as warm as we would have liked.

Once again attendence was excellent with over 30 attending and indulging in some excellent barbequed meat, salads and puddings. Many thanks to those who provided food and to those who did such an excellent job of cooking it.

The event kicked off at 5pm and ran through to 9pm, when the light finally gave out.

Many thanks to John and Betty Petrie for allowing us to use their garden for the event.

The 2004 Sucé Twinning Visit

The 2004 Sucé Twinning Visit will take on the weekend of 29th October 2004. Preparations are already in hand, solease put the date in your diary.

The two main events of the weekend will be a Barn Dance with the Woodpecker Band and pig roast at Prior Park School on the Saturday evening and an organised excursion to Bath on the Sunday.

The dance on Saturday night will be on a Halloween Theme, fancy dress is positively encouraged. There will be a competition for the best Halloween Pumpkin. Bring your own drinks.

The provisional schedule is:

We have started a list of people willing to act as hosts for the visiting French families, if you would like to act as a host please send us some details by clicking the folowing link and completing the form. I would like to act as a host


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