Cricklade Twinning  Newsletter - Issue 114
November 2020 


We hope this newsletter finds you well and not unduly affected by Covid either by illness or the impact of the vital endeavours to control the pandemic.

It looks like it will be April at the earliest, before any sense of normality will return. However it seems likely  (not given) though that things will back under control by the end of June. With that in mind we have the following proposals for 2021.

AGM - Date to be announced

We have two options for the AGM. The first is to hold the AGM by Zoom (we will send you a simple link so you can join) - the second is to postpone the AGM until we can get together for a traditional style AGM. We will be sending out a survey to canvas opinions.

Other events

With one big exception we will leave setting the schedule to later, although we may schedule a Barn dance for November.

Twinning Visit in Cricklade 2021

The big exception is the Twinning Visit. We have agreed with our colleagues in Sucé that the visit will take place starting Thursday 8th July and ending on the Monday.

Plans for the visit will largely follow our plans for 2020. We will also celebrate our 30th anniversary albeit a year late. 

Please let us know ( if you will possibly take part in the visit.