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Cricklade Twinning  November 2018 Newsletter

Barn Dance – Saturday 3rd November 7.30pm in the Cricklade Town Hall

The Barn Dance will be run in conjunction with the Tennis Club. Garry Nunn (aka Mr Tickles) will be running proceedings as usual.

We are currently short of pudding promises, so if you would like to show off your culinary skills or would just like to donate a pudding - please contact Cathy (see below) to let her know you will be bringing a pudding.

There are still tickets left, if you could book your tickets before next Thursday that would help with ensuring we get the catering right. Tickets are £10.00 for adults £5.00 for non-adults.To be sure of tickets book early as tickets sold out last year. Please phone Jane Whinfrey on 750048 to reserve your tickets, rather than going through the Council Office.

Reminder – please bring your own drink and glasses. We will be serving Chicken Casserole, but if you have special dietary requirements please contact Cathy Atkins at her email ( - we have already envisaged a veggie option, but we need numbers.

If you are feeling generous, we would like lots of puddings and raffle prizes for the Barn Dance.

Twinning Visit to Sucé 2019

The Twinning visit to Sucé will be from 4 July to 8 July. We will go by plane from Bristol.  You will need to book your tickets on line at the moment the prices are good. If you book or want to book please let us know, so we can get the Sucé end squared away. We have never had a problem, but lets make sure it stays that way. Email

The flight details are EZY6023 Bristol to Nantes Thursday, 4 July 2019  12:00 returning by EZY6024 Nantes to Bristol Monday, 8 July 2019  19:25. The web link for EasyJet is "". Be careful not to use other sites that look like they are EasyJet, they may give you the same price, but give you a bunch of other issues and difficulties.

Events Next Year

Early notice of a couple of events for next year

  • Murder Mystery Play 6th April in the Town Hall - the Purton Players will have an entirely new play
  • Quiz Night 14th September in the Town Hall
  • Barn Dance 9th November

Committee Meetings

The next Committee meeting Wednesday 21st November 8.00pm at Debbie and Terry Dawson's House 19 Pauls Croft