Cricklade Twinning  June 2018 Newsletter

Summer BBQ - 22nd July

Its summer, well for a few days. And so it is time for the Summer BBQ.

Start time will be 5.00pm at Chris & Cathy Atkins Home at 45 High Street, Cricklade.

Tickets are £8.50 a head. Bring own chairs, drinks and glasses.

Please phone Jane Whinfrey on 750048 to let us know you are coming by Tuesday 18th, so we can make sure we provide enough food. Please also let us know of any special dietary requirements.

If you are feeling generous, the odd raffle prize or even a pudding would be really appreciated.


Cricklade Festival - 18th June

Thanks to everyone who helped on the stall and to all who donated bottles, we raised some £480, which means we are well set to provide an excellent welcome to the French next year.

We hoped you noticed the new display, which will be joined by our own Gazebo, so we don’t have to panic each time we need one.

Twinning Visit 2018

A note for your diaries for next year, next year’s visit by the French to Cricklade is proposed for the weekend of the 7th and 8th July as the core of the visit. We have already started making bookings.

Safari Supper - 16th September

The social event for the end of the year will be a Safari Supper, lots of fun and a good way of getting to know other members. 

The Safari Supper means meeting together and then being handed a slip of paper, which says where you are eating your starter (unless of course you are hosting that course, when you will be heading off to your own house). When you have finished your starters, it is all change and you are off somewhere else for your main course (or to your own house to act as host for the main course). We then do dessert back where we started from all together. Hosts cater for between 6 and 8 people including themselves and of course this is all agreed well in advance. 

Please phone Jane Whinfrey on 750048 and let her know if you want to host a course, provide a dessert or just attend. Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. Tickets will be £10 a head (hosts go free)

Dates for your Diary

The following events are scheduled this year:

Beetle Drive - 14th October – will be held in the Jenner hall and will start at 7pm to hopefully encourage more young people to attend.

Barn Dance - 11th November – will start at 7.30pm in the usual format.

Committee Meetings

The next Committee meeting is Monday 14th August at Debbie’s house – 19 Pauls Croft.