Cricklade Twinning  September 2018 Newsletter

Beetle Drive – Saturday 6th October at 7pm (19.00hrs) in the Jenner Hall

Please note the start time, 7pm, which is earlier than usual in the hope we can attract some of our non-adult members. Please share the information about the event as we are keen to attract new members especially those with children. 

The event will be at the Jenner Hall. A bread and cheese supper will be provided.  Tickets are £7.00 a head. Non-adults go free. Remember to bring your own drinks and glasses.

Please phone Jane Whinfrey at home on 750048 to let us know if you are coming, so we can make sure we provide enough food. Please also let us know of any special dietary requirements.

Raffle prizes as ever would be greatly appreciated.

The aim of the game of Beetle is to be the first player to draw a complete beetle. The body parts are each given a number.

  • 6 - The Body - (1 per beetle)Beetle parts
  • 5 - The Head - (1 per beetle)
  • 4 - The Tail - (1 per beetle)
  • 3 - The Legs - (6 per beetle)
  • 2 - The Antenna - (2 per beetle)
  • 1 - The Eyes - (2 per beetle)

Players take turns to roll a die and can add the corresponding body part to their beetle. They must however throw a 6 first for the body before they can add any other part.

Players may only add the correct number of body parts to their beetle for instance only 1 tail, a further throw of number 4 resulting in no addition and the die being passed on. Some player's beetles will be drawn quite rapidly other players will flounder unable to throw the correct score on the die to complete their beetle. The minute one player has completed their picture they shout Beetle and that is the end of that game

Barn Dance – Saturday 3rd November 7.30pm in the Cricklade Town Hall

The Barn Dance  is back by popular demand. It will be run in conjunction with the Tennis Club. Garry Nunn (aka Mr Tickles) will be running proceedings as usual.

Tickets will be £10.00 for adults £5.00 for non-adults.To be sure of tickets book early as tickets sold out last year. Please phone Jane Whinfrey on 750048 to reserve your tickets.

Reminder – please bring your own drink and glasses. We will be serving Chicken Casserole, but if you have special dietary requirements please contact Cathy Atkins at her email ( - we have already envisaged a veggie option, but we need numbers.

Previous Events

BBQ – Saturday 28th July 

BBQ experts at work
Its thirsty work cooking burgers

An excellent turn out was accompanied by weather that stayed reasonable, except that the heavens opened on some of our esteemed members just before the start and there was some drizzle around pudding time. Many thanks to Chris and Cathy Atkins for hosting, to Chris,Gary and Brian for manning the BBQ and to everyone who contributed salads, puddings and/or raffle prizes.

Committee Meetings

The next Committee meetings:

  • 17th September 7.30pm at 6 Home Ground – Chris’s
  • 22nd October 7.30pm at 45 High Street – Cathy’s